I decided to re-launch my blog this evening while sitting at H&R Block looking at an old white man with an unfortunate comb-over.

Hi, I’m Jannine. I’m 25. I live in Raleigh. I work in finance. If you’re reading this apparently you’ve come across my blog one way or another.

Several months ago during one of my rants my boyfriend suggested that I create a blog.

“J! You have so much to say! You should start a blog or a YouTube Channel.”

“Eh babe idk how I feel about that. We’ll see.”

He’s right. I do have a lot to say. And I don’t believe he was just saying that because he’s tired of my rants (though I’m sure that’s certainly part of it).

It’s 2017 and America is nuts. I’m not sure what direction I’d like to take this blog going forward. I’m sure it will contain some political rants, some discussion about my being a self-proclaimed awkward black girl (#shoutout to Issa Rae), some thoughts on rappers/ artists and other happenings in black/urban media.

Perhaps I’ll share some funny stories on my interactions with people in my life and strangers I come across in the streets. Makeup and hair products will likely make an appearance given that I’ve disappointed my middle school self and become interested in such things.

And since I’ve resorted to pulling on several of my thinking curls (more on that in another blog post), I’m going to call this one quits.

Good night, folks!




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